Friday, 19 May 2017

Cutworm and Wireworm Information

Growers are hopefully scouting their fields both BEFORE, AS and AFTER they seed!  

Bare patches or slow to grow areas should be investigated and especially within the 5-10 days following seeding.  Cutworms and wireworms are often the first insect pests of the season so don't be afraid to dig in that top 3-4 cm of the soil near the base of emerging plants OR within the seed row.  You could find cutworms or wireworms and here's more information to help:

1.  NEW Cutworm Guide - a free downloadable full-colour guide to cutworm identification, biology and management in field crops grown across the Canadian prairies. A screen shot is provided below but the guide is available in both English and French.

2.  Wireworm pages from recent Insect Field Guide - below you can download ONLY the wireworm pages from this guide published in 2015 which is available in both English and French.