Tuesday, 13 March 2018

2017 Peace Canola Survey - Otani, Vankosky, Olfert

The 2017 Annual Peace Canola Survey was completed by Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada staff based at Beaverlodge and Saskatoon.

Since 2003, the annual survey has been performed with the main objectives of (i) collecting insect pest data throughout the region and (ii) to detect the introduction of the cabbage seedpod weevil into the Peace River region.  In 2017, a total of 102 commercial fields of Brassica napus (e.g., each field ≥80 acres in size) were surveyed and no B. rapa was encountered.  

Fields were surveyed by sweep-net using 50 - 180° sweeps on the following dates in these areas:
July 4 near Manning, Hawk Hills, Tompkins Landing, Blue Hills, Buffalo Head, LaCrete, Rocky Lane.
July 10 near Crooked Creek, DeBolt, Bezanson, Grande Prairie.
July 11 near Guy, High Prairie, McLennan, Falher, Nampa, Peace River, Tangent, Watino, Smoky River, LaGlace, Woking, Spirit River, Rycroft, Fairview, Hines Creek, Sexsmith.
July 12 near Whitelaw, Berwyn, Grimshaw, Marie Reine, Jean Cote, Girouxville, Eaglesham, Wanham, Peoria, Teepee Creek, Hythe, Baldonnel, Montney, Rose Prairie, Fort St. John, Cecil Lake, Doe River, Rolla, Valhalla, Demmitt, LaGlace, Grande Prairie, Goodfare, Elmworth, Blueberry Mountain, Silver Valley, Bonanza.

Sweep-net samples were frozen then processed to generate data for a total of 9730 arthropods (excluding thrips and aphids) which were identified and categorized into 39 taxa.  The 2017 summary includes eight economically important insect pests reported from 98 surveyed canola fields plus data related to rotational practices in the Peace River region:

The 2017 summary is available as a downloadable PDF file.

THANK YOU to the following hard working AAFC staff who surveyed†, processed‡, and mapped∞ this data:  Jadin Chahade1†‡, Kaitlin Freeman1†‡, Holly Spence1†‡, Rebecca Wu1†‡, Charlotte Morrison1†‡, Cameron McGlade-Bouchard1†‡, Shelby Dufton1‡, Amanda Jorgensen1‡, and David Giffen2∞.

Finally, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, Thank you to our canola producers for allowing us to sample in their fields!