Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Meet our students: Welcome back Jadin!

Hello! My name is Jadin, and I am back for another busy summer at the Beaverlodge Research Farm!

I recently completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of Alberta. This will be my fourth summer working in the IPM lab. Despite not being too comfortable around insects when I first started, I quickly developed a new appreciation for our little friends (Figure 1). Last July, during the annual Peace Canola Survey, I was able to travel to Fort Vermilion (Figure 2) and witness many interesting things such as aerial spraying!

Figure 1. Jadin (Left) holding a grasshopper nymph while Kaitlin looks on.
Figure 2. Jadin sweep-net surveying in canola near Fort Vermilion AB in 2016.
My first week back has been spent gearing up to start monitoring again this field season and introducing our new students (Charlotte, Cameron and Rebecca) to many of the projects we have going on in our lab. During my time at the Farm, I have had the opportunity to learn an immense amount of information about different insects and the crops grown in the Peace River region. I am excited to see what this summer has in store!