Friday, 22 July 2016

So far in our monitoring.....

What we're seeing so far in our field monitoring.....

We finished our Annual Canola Survey of the Peace on July 8th but we are processing the samples from the 156 sites.  Please watch our IPM Lab Blog though – I will post our survey results there first.

Earlier this spring, there were cutworms and fields in the Peace were sprayed to try and manage that – I have no idea the number of acres though.  To date, our monitoring has shown low DBM and BAW pheromone count interceptions.  Wheat midge was forecasted to be lower populations through most of the entire Peace this season, however, midge flight synchronized fairly well with wheat anthesis in the south Peace.  We have seen some higher lygus bug numbers in some of our canola survey samples but the persistent rain throughout June-present has been a major factor in all our field crops.  More specifically, we aren’t seeing the typical nymph densities that we’d expect in the canola so far (because we know many have died owing to rain falling every 4-6 days from bolting through to early flowering) – stay tuned for the survey results though.  Grasshoppers are present but the situation is nowhere near the high risk originally forecasted back in January for the Peace. 

Almost all the fields we’ve seen around the south and north Peace have received some fungicide whether it’s been wheat, peas, or canola.  As Jim notes, producers are sometimes keen to tank-mix insecticide with the fungicide application and only the agricultural industry people will know those statistics on what product has been sold so far this season. 

From what I’ve seen so far, I would have expected a bit of grasshopper spraying by now and the next 10 days of heat and sun may bring about some spraying for Lygus but most canola will be at the pod stage by then and surely with the heat.  Overall, there are some very nice crops are out there despite some water damage.  Apart from cutworms, it hasn’t been a big insect pest outbreak year so far in the Peace.