Tuesday, 10 May 2016

2016 Alberta Cutworm Reporting Tool and Map

Reminder please for Albertan help!

Please ask growers to report their cutworms on the Alberta Agriculture & Forestry's live Cutworm reporting tool.

Every entry is important because it helps estimate what kind of cutworm problem we have now and into 2017.  Once data entry occurs, your growers can view the live 2016 cutworm map.

A screen shot of the live map is below (retrieved 10May2016):

And here is a screen shot of the updated map (retrieved 22Jun2016):

A summary of the nominal and economic thresholds for cutworms has been pulled together by Dr. John Gavloski who is the provincial entomologist for Manitoba.  Access the thresholds and important cutworm information here.

The Prairie Pest Monitoring Network has been posting Cutworm information and monitoring tips within the 2016 Weekly Updates which is comprised of a series of Posts updated each week during the growing season.

More information about cutworms can be found by accessing the pages from the new "Field Crop and Forage Pests and their Natural Enemies in Western Canada: Identification and Field Guide".  An excerpt of ONLY Cutworm pages from the guide have been posted as a downloadable PDF below to support in-field monitoring.


More information about the new guide is posted here including how to download a PDF copy of the entire guide in either English or French.