Tuesday, 9 June 2015

June is Cutworm month!

We have ~143 cutworms and the majority came from the Guy/Falher area between Jun 3-5, 2015.  About 65% of the material we are shipping to AAFC-Saskatoon where we’ve requested they try to include them in future multiplex PCR or CO1 barcoding to identify the species x  host crop associations. 

Anyone seeding an annual into 2014 legume stubble should be carefully scouting for cutworms if they’re anywhere East of Wanham.  The absence of precipitation but warm temperatures mean that cutworm damage is showing up quite suddenly where other years moisture helps the plants grow quickly and tolerate cutworm feeding

Please report Albertan cutworm sites! 

Every entry is important because it helps us all estimate how much of a problem we have now and into 2016.  Once data entry occurs, your growers can be checking the live cutworm map located here.