Friday, 12 June 2015

Agronomy may never be the same!

This week, the Agronomy & Crop Adaptation Program's two Student Assistants received some special training!  After learning and helping with seeding, Emma and Carina were instructed on how to operate one of the ConservaPak seeders.  They began with some pathway seeding yesterday!

Training like this is important and it's given according to the skill and maturity of a Staff member.  Research plots seeders like the ConservaPak are major capital investments made within AAFC that have 10-30 years of research use.   The operation and use of these major pieces of equipment are critical to the research we perform BUT they don't move without properly trained operators who possess the technical skills and experience to capably drive them.

Carina and Emma aren't quite ready to seed our field research plots yet - but then again, they are learning and gaining experience to help get them there someday!

Congratulations on a pretty big step in your agronomic careers Carina and Emma!